Todd & Erin – A New York Minute

Fancy. These two live in NYC, work for Ralph Lauren and are super fancy. But are also the most laid back and kindest people I’ve met in years. Awesome. A Newport wedding at The Chanler. Cliff Walk, Ocean, Sun, Love. Everybody wins.

D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-1 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-2 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-3 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-4 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-5 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-6 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-7 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-8 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-9 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-10 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-11 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-12 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-13 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-14 D.A.NeitzNewportWedding-15

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