Ontario – PRAXIS

Last week I  attended another workshop with the super talented Sam Hurd of www.samhurdphotography.com. His style and overall sense of composition has been a huge influence on my work over the past 4 years or so. SO good. So I packed my things and headed up North to Toronto. The workshop itself was in Kitchener but for those who do not know Ontario well, I’ll just say Toronto. Sometimes in the middle of wedding season you can feel in a rut or just need a kick to get you back into the right frame of mind to think outside of the proverbial box when shooting multiple weddings every weekend. This was a great opportunity for me to basically have a styled shoot with some amazing couples and just work on me. Many of the attendants used the opportunity to practice Sam’s techniques and get some feedback straight from him, but I had already done those things on my own so I used the space and couples to fall within myself and get back to me. It worked. And I have some really awesome images to show for it which I will share with you now. Oh by the way Toronto was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Nice change from the 90%+ humidity days we have been having in New England. Enjoy.

D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-1 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-2 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-3 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-4 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-5 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-6 D.A.Neitz-Toronto-Engagement-7

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